Shrikhand Making international easy method


Shrikhand Making simple method:-


Take Buffalo or Cow milk( for better results take blend milk) Boil it at 90 to 100 Degrees Cel.

Cooled milk at room temperature 30 to 35 degrees celsius

former day curd added as 1 to 2 chance( use fresh curd, means we’ve to not take 4- 5 days before curd).

Milk is left unperturbed overnight at room temperature to set forcefully.

It’s also stirred and hung in a muslin cloth for 10 to 12 hours to drain off whey. • Curd mass attained after junking of whey is called chakka.

Skim milk is used in marketable products of chakka. • Low fat in the curd redounded with a significant reduction in fat loss through whey, faster humidity expatriation, and lower humidity retention in the final product. • Fresh, good quality skim milk is entered and hotted to 90 °C for 10min. • Heat-treated milk is cooled to 30 °C and invested with LF- 40 culture containing Lactococcus lactissubsp. lactis and Lactococcus lactisvar. diacetylactis(1.0 –1.5). • Milk added with culture bacteria is incubated at 30 °C for 10- 12h. • After the needed acidity of 0.8 to 0.9 LA is reached, the curd is taken into handbasket centrifuge to remove whey from the curd. • Use of quarg separator for junking of whey has increased the chakka product to 8 tonnes/ day.


Yield of Chakka:-

The yield of chakka produced traditionally is about 650 g per 1000 g of milk and the yield of shrikhand is about1.5 to2.0 kg per kg of chakka. The yield of Chakka is about 20 further and the shrikhand is 38.5 further than that of the traditional system when produced commercially.


shrikhand flavors:-


Kesar Pista Shrikhand| Kesari Variation Instant Shrikhand made using Greek Yogurt Mango Shrikhand/ Amarkhand, also love this form Mixed Tooty- Fruity & Nuts Variation Rajbhog Variety, Matho Kaji Draksh Shrikhand/ Cashew- Kismis Variation Fruit Variation Chocolate Variety Vermicelli Variation Rose Shrikhand/ Gulkhand Variation – Gujrati Style! Apple Pista Variety Strawberry Shrikhand with Almonds Jamun Variety Pineapple Variation Honey Nut Variety


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