Laban Making process

Laban Making process

Laban Making process without Sugar

Laban Making process is very easy, low cost.laban is very good for health and immunities. Old people daily taking Laban after lunch, in this process main component is maintaining temperature of milk

Laban without sugar :- here is the process of making Laban without sugar (0% added sugar )

Laban Making process ingredients list:-

1) Milk

2) Culture

3) cold water for taking temperature down

4) oven for maintning temperature (you can use hot water for maintaining temperature)

5) big spoon for aging


Process Laban Making:-

1) Take Milk (cow or buffalo)

2) Heat milk at 80-85 Degree celcuis for 20 minutes

3) after heating, Cooling milk at  45 Degree celcuis with the help of cold water outside the dish

4) add culture (culture should be low acidic )  at 40-45 Deg with aging and  continuously aging for 20-25 minutes

5) stop aging  and store milk at 40-45 Deg (maintain 40-45 Deg) for atleast 1 hrs or more. (Use oven for it)

6) fill in the cup

7) cool at 6-7 Deg for 1 hour.

8) ready to drink.


Laban with sugar :-

In this process we follow same procedure as above but we need to add sugar during again at 40 Degree celcuis. Sugar content should be 4% and per 1000ml only 40 grams so you can enjoy real taste of Laban.

About Laban :-

Laban is very famous and daily conumbale in middle East countries like Dubai , Saudi Arabia and Qatar. As well as in Europe Asian country also prefer to drink Laban.  Laban packing available in Pet bottles , High Density bag. It’s availabile in 180ml, 320ml, 360ml, 800ml, 2 litr.

Mango Lassi  ll

Raw Material

1) Curd 42 kg

2) sugar Syrup 14 kg 35% of Curd

3) Flavour 50 ml

4) mango Pulp 2 Kg 5% of Total Curd Syrup Etc


Storage of Dairy products:-

The condition of product in stock shall be assessed in appropriate intervals in order to detect deteriorationdue to various reasons, e.g. physical damage, shelf life, unsanitary conditions, and temperature abusesand pest infestation.Products should be properly identified like frozen, chilled and ambientwith packing and date of receipt. An effective system like, FIFO, FEFO and FMFOshall be in place for all materials or finished products, as applicable.Surfaces of electrical wiring to filling machines and other lines equipment should be cleaned to avoid microbial growth.A routine program should be established to inspect all gaskets and seals in product line connections and should be manufacturing/packing plant specific.The buildings, grounds fixtures and equipment of product storage areas and vehicles loading & unloading bays shall be designed, constructed, adapted and maintained to facilitate the operations carried out in them and to prevent damage.Raw materials, ingredients, packing material and finished goods shall be stored separately on pallets in clean, dry, well ventilated spaces protected from dust, condensation, fumes, odours or other sources of contamination.Materials and product shall be suitably stacked with due regard given to safety. Aisles should be kept clear and not used for temporary storage of materials.

Receiving and dispatch bays shall be provided for receiving of material and dispatching of finished product from the storage areas. These shall be designed to protect materials and products from the diverse weather conditions. Receiving areas shall be equipped to allow containers of incoming materials to be cleaned,where necessary.

Adequate space should be maintained from walls and between pallets to ensure sufficient movement and air circulation.

Periodic visual checks should be made of all pallets, racks and other storage infrastructure, w.r.t structural integrity and infestations.

Raw :-

Raw material and ingredients shall be stored as per the storage conditions mentioned on the label or as specified by the vendor. Printed packaging materials shall be stored in safe, separate and secured manner.All materials and product should be clearly marked with their relevant Identification/Lot Number, to maintain the traceability.The identification marking should be easily accessible/ visible even when the material or product is stacked.

Temperature control:-

Storage area temperatures shall be maintained and monitoredregularly.




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