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 hay if you are new to cheese making. The EASIEST CHEESE recipe farmer’s cheese is the easiest cheese to make it requires no special ingredients and it takes just a few minutes. I’m going to help you how welcome to do it from scratch. come learn with us The EASIEST CHEESE recipe.

all you’re gonna need to make farmer’s cheese is a gallon of milk, a half a cup of white distilled vinegar, a tablespoon of salt, a colander, a bowl or pot to put your colander on top of a flour sack towel, a pot to make your cheese in and a wooden spoon.

the first step is to pour the gallon of milk into your pot and heat it over medium heat stirring frequently. ideally, you’d have farm-fresh milk if you don’t currently have a cow of your own so you can use store-bought. which works just fine. I would suggest not using ultra-pasteurized milk. however, as it doesn’t work well.  I’m making this cheese as I homeschool my kiddos. I was back and forth to stir and it worked out just fine just definitely keep an eye on it. so that it doesn’t burn on the bottom you’re going to bring the milk up to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

I like to use a thermometer but it isn’t necessary. you just want to get it to the point. where it looks like, it’s just about to boil but not quite. when it gets to the right temperature. it’s time to add half a cup of vinegar pour. it in slowly and keeps stirring this part is fun to watch and if you homeschool can be a fun science project too. if you have little ones you could tie in the nursery rhyme little miss Muffet with this activity, because the reaction you are seeing here is the separation of the curds from the whey. you’re going to stir for one minute and then remove the pot from the heat. where you will let it sit for 10 minutes here’s the quick science of it in case you’re curious milk is a colloid. which means it’s made up of different particles that blend smoothly and won’t separate on their own. however, by adding an acid which is the vinegar a chemical reaction occurs because the casein protein particles which are the curds can’t mix with the vinegar but the liquid way can be okay that’s your science lesson for the day.

let’s move on you are now going to line the colander with the flower sack towel give the pot one more quick stir and then dump the curds and whey into the colander being careful, because the liquid is still going to be very hot just as a side note. the whey can be used for many things so don’t toss it at the very least. you can give it to your chickens and they will thank you. will then let the curds sit and drain for about 10 minutes. you can also help it along by stirring and pressing firmly with a wooden spoon to squeeze out more of the whey. once you feel like you have most of the way squeezed out it’s time to add one tablespoon of salt.  only had very finely ground salt on hand and one tablespoon just looked like too much. but later regretted it so go for the full tablespoon this would also be the time to mix in any other flavorings. you would like this cheese doesn’t have a super strong taste on its own and takes flavoring. Well so go ahead and get creative. also, make sure you stir well because you don’t want to be chomping down on a chunk of salt okay now gather up all sides of the towel and lift the towel full of curds holding. it over the pot twist the top of the towel to squeeze out any remaining whey carefully. it might still be hot you can then spend a few minutes twisting and squeezing until it doesn’t feel like you can get any more liquid to come out. maybe I shouldn’t admit this because this probably says something about my exercise habits, but, this was a pretty good workout. if you find yourself running out of steam or you’re just trying to multitask. this is a great project for kids they enjoy doing it it’s simple. they can’t break it and it gets the job done while teaching them a valuable skill.  now what you’re going to do is wrap up the ball of curds in the entirety of the towel and massage and press the ball on a countertop letting any remaining whey soak into the towel. then move the towel around as I go until every bit of it is saturated. it sort of feels similar to kneading bread. finally, you’re going to unwrap the towel and transfer the cheese to a glass loaf pan or container with a lid press down firmly. so that no air pockets remain.  it and get any air pockets out the easier. it will be to slice it later so go ahead and use your fingers.


if you have to important tip that I want to mention here make sure you wash all of your equipment including your towel as soon as you can as it hardens. it’s nearly impossible to remove. that’s it our cheese is done. and it’s ready to be refrigerated so that it will harden now our family of nine can finish this off pretty quickly but if your family can’t finish it off in about 10 days which is how long it’s good in the refrigerator. you can cut this into smaller portion sizes stick it in a vacuum-sealed bag and then stick it in the freezer, it thaws out amazingly and it will taste just as good hopefully you enjoyed this blog The EASIEST CHEESE recipe.



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