How does an Electric Motor work


How does an Electric Motor work:-

introductory DC motor:-

Motor work -to understand how the DC motor works we need to understand some fundamentals of electricity as well as how the
factors inside work but first where have you seen a DC motor used or where could you apply one let me know your studies and design ideas in the comment section down below electricity is the inflow of electrons through a line when lots of electrons inflow in the same direction we call this current DC electricity means the electrons inflow in just a single direction from one outstation of a battery directly to the other if we reverse the battery also the current will flow in the contrary direction inside the bobby
line we find bobby titles ringing each snippet we find free electrons these are called free electrons because they’re
free to move to other tittles they donaturally move to our tittles by themselves but this is in any and all directions arbitrary which is of no use to us we need lots of electrons to flow in the same direction and we can do that by applying a voltage is like pressure and will force electrons to move electrons only flow in a complete circuit they always try to get back to their source so when we give them a path similar as a line they will flow through this indeed if we temporarily produce a path they will take it as soon as it’s available we can place factors in this path so that they’ve to flow through it and that way they do work for us similar as illuminating the beacon in these robustness we are going to be using two terms: electron inflow and conventional current electron inflow is what’s being with the electrons flowing from the negative terminal to the positive terminal conventional current moves in the contrary direction from positive to negative just be apprehensive of the two terms and which bone we are using as you presumably formerly know attractions are concentrated with the north and south ends


these types are known as endless Attractions because their glamorous field is always active when in proximity with Another attraction the Lycans push down and the contrary ends attract so we get these pushing and pulling forces caused by the glamorous field of the attractions have these twisted glamorous field lines which run from the North Pole to the South Pole and extend curving around the surface the glamorous field is most important at the ends we see this because there are more glamorous fields nearly packed together we can see the glamorous field of an attraction by sprinkling some iron forms over the top when two attractions are close to each
other the glamorous fields interact too suchlike ends will repel each other and the glamorous field lines won’t join still two contrary oppositeness will be attracted to each other and the glamorous field lines will meet into a largely concentrated region thus we place tube attractions of contrary oppositeness into the motor stator to form a strong glamorous field through the rotor when we connect a line to the positive and negative outstations of a battery a current of electrons will flow through the¬†line between the two outstations


DC motors look commodities like this although there are relatively many variations these are used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and we can use these for illustration in our power tools our toy buses and indeed our cooling suckers when we look at a DC motor we first see the essence of defensive covering which forms the stator at one end have the tip of a sharp pooching through the covering we can attach gears addict blades or indeed pulleys onto this on the other end we have a plastic end cap with two outstations we can connect the power force to these outstations to rotate.


attractions which form a north and south pole running through the center of the motor we see this rod which is called the shaft shaft is used to transfer mechanical energy attached to the motor rod we have the rotor the rotor is made from a number of disks that are laminated together each fragment has these t- -shaped arms cut into them and wrapped around the- shaped arms of the rotor or the coil windings that carry the electrical current from the battery as the current passes through the coils it produces an electromagnetic field we control the timing and the opposition of the glamorous field to produce gyration the ends of the coils are connected to the commutator the commutator is a ring which has been segmented into several plates which sit concentric lis around the shaft these plates are separated and electrically insulated from each other as well as the shaft the ends of each coil connect to a different commutator plate they do this to produce a circuit and we’ll see that in detail just shortly sitting within the plastic back cover are the skirmishes brush arms and outstations the commutator plates sit between the two skirmishes the skirmishes rub against the commutator parts to complete the circuit electricity can also flow through a terminal through the arm into ¬†encounter through a commutator member.



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