chemicals list for quality laboratory

chemicals list for quality laboratory

Quality laboratory chemical list in details with miscellaneous items used in Laboratory

for food industry below chemicals list :-

Labrotarty chemicals list very important for purchasing and new plant installation.

1) sulphuric acid h2so4 (98%)-500ml

2) iso amyl alcohol-1%-500ml

3) ethanol -500ml

4) NaoH solution – 0.1N(250 ml)-500ml

5) phenolpthaline indicator -125ml

6) methylene blue dye (tablets)

7) ammonia buffer solution-500ml

8) Nitro phenyl phosphate disodium -5gm

9) peptone water -LQ089-50*5ml

10) sodium sorbate-500gm

11) mac-conkey broth agar-m007-500gm

12) violet red bile agar- m049-500gm

13) yeast extract agar -500gm

14) fungal agar

15) MacConkey Agar 100 Gm

16) MR – VP Medium 100 Gm 83

17) Brilliant Green Bile Broth 100 Gm

18) Wort Agar 100 Gm

19) L.ascorbic acid -100gm

20) citric acid-500gm

21) glycerine-500ml

22) KCI- 1 kg

23) phosphoric acid-500gm

24) sodium benzoate-500gm

25) pottasium sorbate-1000gm

26) sorbitol-500gm

27) benzoic acid-500gm

28) cetyl alcohol-500gm

29) buffer taablets(PH:4-7)

30) NDDB KIT For Adultration detection

31) sodium chloride-500gm

32) sodium citrate-500g,m

33) sodium carbonaate-500gm

34) sodium acetate-500gm

35) sodium bicarbonate-500gm

36) soda ash-500gm

37) starch soluble-500gm

38) sucrose-500gm

39) tryptone-100gm

40) IPA-100ml

41) HCL acid

42) Resorcinol powder

43) Phosphaste test reagent

44) Hydrogen peroxide

45) Acetic acid glacial -LR grade

46) Di-sodium hydrogen orthophosphate anhydrous

47) Di-phenyl amine

48) Di-Ethyl ethene

49) EDTA solution

50) Fehling solution

51) Ferrious ammonium suphate

52) Formaldehyde solution (37-41 % )

53) Grams iodine staining solution

54) hydrochloric acid

55) Hardness tablets

56) Iodine solution

57) Oxalic acid

58) P-Phenylenediamine

59) Petrolium ether

60) pottasium dihydro phosphate

61) pottasium metabisulphate

62) Pottasium chloride

63) pottasium dichromate

64) pottasium chromate

65) Sodium chloride

66) sodium oxalate

67) sodium thiosulphate

68) Tri sodium citrate

Chemicals list (Example of chemicals)


69) pottasium permagnate

70) Zinc oxide

71) Zinc acetateHand refractometer (32-60 brix)

72)PH meter (table top) (range-0-14)

73)water distillation plant (SS) 4ltr/hr (kjeldahl type

74)analytical weighing balance-cap-100 gm(+_0.001gm)

75)Gas burner for platin

76)sampler dipper (SS

77)Refrigerator ( 215 ltr) Double doo

78)Lactometer jar

79)Test tube(15*150 ml


81)glass beaker -100ml-bo

82)glass beaker -500ml-bo

83)spatulla(SS) 8

84)measuring cylinder (plastic)-500m

85)funnel 75 m

86)volumetric flask-500ml (flat bottom

87)volumetric flask-500ml (flat bottom

88)Viscosity meter cup ( B-4 cup) with stan

89)NaoH solution – 0.1N(250 ml)-500m

90)phenolpthaline indicator -125ml

91)peptone water -LQ089-50*5m

92)citric acid-500g

93)Hydrogen peroxide ml

94)Hardness tablets

95)Iodine solution

96)PPE Kit

97)hand gloves-surgical

98)hand gloves-plastic

99)head caps

100)face mask

Weighing balance



Chemicals list and items Use for Labrotarty:-

there number of chemical used in laboratory for testing and batch preparation, each having unique concentration.



For Laboratory equipment click here:-…list-for-testing/

  1. Who Uses laboratory Chemicals:-

As laboratory uses there special trained person hired for proper testing and result. Chemist uses proper proposition for testing, this all chemicals price high and need to take precautions during use of chemicals in laboratory.


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