Top 5 Automation Initiatives for 2024 That Every Manufacturer Needs Know

Automation Initiatives for 2024

Top 5 Automation Initiatives:-

here are the Automation Initiatives for 2024 that every manufacturer needs to have on their radar in 2024. we’ve had a crazy ride over the last few years. we’re starting to see the beginning effects of a labor shortage that really. it’s only going to get worse. The workforce participation is declining as the aging population fills manufacturing, which will create some serious challenges over the next 5 to 10 years.

automation is no longer optional as a means to reduce cost but a requirement to maintain existing levels of production. but we’re in inflationary times with interest rates higher than we’ve ever seen in recent years. along with Whispers of a recession. we haven’t even begun to talk about AI developments. so the rising cost of capital coupled with the lack of consistency in the market can make it intimidating for manufacturers to decide how to invest in their business. that’s why we’re here to highlight the top six automation initiatives that every manufacturer needs to have on the radar as we head into 2024.

1. machine automation platform –Automation Initiatives for 2024:-

Automation One manufacturing trend that continues to grow is the shift from high volume low mix projects to low volume High mix projects. this directly addresses labor shortages. and skills Gap this Paradigm Shift signifies a significant change in how automation systems are implemented. instead of being limited to a specific task, these systems are now being developed to handle a wider range of products. and processes propelled by a robot or cobot flexibility palletizing machine tending and Welding. a couple of examples of application-driven solutions that exist today that have a solid ROI.

 2. Warehouse automation:-

The ROI here really comes from labor savings and efficiency gains. however, safety is the big side effect. we want to focus on Fork trucks are one of the leading causes of workplace accidents in fact according to OSHA 95. people are injured daily by fork truck traffic in the United States.

 Automation Initiatives for 2024
Automation Initiatives for 2024

3. traceability and Manufacturing:-

it is crucial for quality control compliance and supply chain transparency to implement either vision-based barcode Raiders or RFID systems. we have been shown to decrease defects by up to 26% and see up to 20% Improvements and overall production efficiency according to the manufacturing study.

4. Energy Efficiency or sustainability:-

The US Department of Energy estimates that efficiency improvements in the manufacturing sector can reduce energy use by up to 30%. saving manufacturers about 100 billion dollars a year in energy spend. That’s a big number.

5. condition monitoring:-

Predictive maintenance is a Game Changer. being able to anticipate and address issues before they become critical can dramatically reduce downtime and repair costs. according to a research company Frost and Sullivan, every $1 spent on condition monitoring initiatives returns $2.70. and data collection is the backbone of any modern manufacturing operation. gathering and analyzing data is key for an informed decision-making process. optimization and overall efficiency improvements. but in 2024 with AI right on the horizon, it’s more important now than ever. AI needs to train on a robust data set to be any good and deploying. an AI tool on the same day that you start a data collection initiative renders. data collection needs to be on everybody’s radar going into 2024 as we look ahead to the Horizon. As we anticipate the transformative landscape of Automation in 2024 we invite you to join us on this exciting Journey. let’s explore the possibilities together and shape the future of manufacturing. if you’d like to deeper into these initiatives or any automation initiative reach out to other posts.

Automation changing the future of the industry in terms of cost and accuracy. process industries like dairy, and food industries using for food safety, but we have to take care of instruments and calibration properly for better results.

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